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What & Where to Eat

Whether you have your meal in the most elegant restaurant or the most shabby place, eat in Bodrum with joy, peace and with your loved ones.

There is a Bodrum for everyone…


Fish / Seafood

  • Doy Doy Fish Restaurant

Guvercinlik is a lovely little bay. It has a peaceful atmosphere that warms one’s heart. Make sure to drop your way here, especially on summer evenings. Here, in this peaceful place, I invite you to a place where you would like to eat delicious appetizers and fresh fish while inhaling the smell of the sea. Sit at your table, watch the fishing boats and sip your raki. I suggest you to make a reservation because it is almost impossible to find a vacant place in summer.


  • Mandalya Restaurant

I am thinking about the sunset in the Guvercinlik. Another place in the bay that I strongly recommend you to eat is Mandalya restaurant. Open during summer and winter. You can stop by for any meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner. It is very rich in terms of appetizers. Grilled, seafood, fruits, desserts, everything is very fresh and delicious. If you take a step, you should definitely stop by to watch the sunset in a view as close to the sea as you would be. If you’re going for dinner in the summer, make a reservation.


  • Lagun Fish Restaurant

Lagün Fish Restaurant is located on the Bogazici with its seafront location. It is a cozy and comfortable place with delicious appetizers and constant quality service even in large crowds.


  • Midyeci Şehmus Usta’nın Yeri

It is the answer to the question of where to eat in Gündoğan. Midyeci Şehmus Usta offers creative dishes away from classical menus. It is even possible to find mussels with Neapolitan sauce. In addition, pasta, fish and appetizers enrich the menu. Make sure to call for reservations during peak periods.


  • Memedof

Memedof offers a nice and quality dinner in Bodrum Marina. The meticulousness in the appetizers, the care in the services, the mastery in the dishes will ensure you have a quality evening. A place where you can chat and experience delicious tastes. If you ask for where to eat in Bodrum, definitely drop by.


  • Mudavim

Sadun Bora comes to mind immediately. He is the first Turkish sailor to go on a world tour with a sailboat. Here is the house of Sadun Bora. It is in a great location in the center of Bodrum with a view of the coast and the castle. If you want, let your feet touch the sand on the beach, or catch a panoramic view of the view on the terrace. You will feel the freshness of the food in every order you place. A place where you can feel Bodrum to your bones during a dinner.


  • Mahmut Captain’s Place

It is a warm, friendly, pleasant, positive place that offers an authentic tavern atmosphere in a side street in the center of Bodrum.

  • Gemibasi Restaurant

In the center, right in the middle of Bodrum, it is a place you would definitely want to stop by. Most people define Gemibaşı Restaurant as their second address in Bodrum. In summer and winter, it is very difficult to find a place, especially on Friday / Saturday. You should definitely make a reservation and taste the food.

  • Ayana Mes

Located in Ortakent. It is a place where you will want to eat any meal with its seafront location, tables thrown on the beach, decoration and the sound of waves.

  • Novikov (Luxury Seafood and Sushi)

Upscale Asian restaurant. Novikov looks at a wonderful view in the most beautiful place of Yalıkavak Marina. Its menu includes international seafood.


Meat / Kebab

  • Nusret

It is located in a magnificent location in Yalıkavak Marina. You can spend a very nice night with high-level service, music and a great ambiance. There is no need to tell about Nusret. Their meat passed everyone’s approval.


  • Avlu Bodrum Bistro

Located in the center of Bodrum, the courtyard is a very decent place in terms of location and architecture. You should definitely spend a night here to eat quality food and spend quality time.

  • Levant Ocakbasi

The place to eat the best kebabs of Bodrum. You feel at home with its friendly and sincere service.



  • Havva Ana Breakfast House

A cute little breakfast place located in Gökçebel village of Bodrum. Havva Ana is the place you will reach by car, after 5 minutes from the center of Gökçebel, by crossing a large bend. It makes you say “I’m glad I’ve come” by giving you the happiness of a wonderful village breakfast with pastries, jams and olives that it makes.

  • Kozalak Breakfast House

When you follow the Dagbelen village sign on the way from Ortakent to Yalikavak, you will come across a place in nature on the hill. You can enjoy orange juice and omelette as much as you want without paying “extra”.

  • Parpali Breakfast House

As the name suggests, it is a place that gives the Black Sea breakfast its right to the end. It is useful to make a reservation in summer and winter. Bonus: The most beautiful goats in the world are jumping around while you’re having your breakfast.

  • Limon Gumusluk

Who doesn’t love Gumusluk? It is a sweet place and needs to make a reservation in summer and winter? You can enjoy breakfast under the olive trees, and while you are ready, you can stay until sunset and enjoy the magnificent view.



  • Arka Pizza

Everything is very tasty and the drinks menu is quite wide. It is located in Bodrum center and has a branch in Yalikavak. You should definitely make a reservation.

  • Tyro

Friendly, smiling staff, delicious food, stylish decoration. A great alternative for those who are bored with meat and fish. You should go even just to eat ravioli.


Cafe Bar / Nightlife

  • Jazz Cafe

Enjoyable music in the evenings, sound of waves; A gift from Gümüşlük that you can use as a beach during the day.

  • Off Gumusluk

It is a wonderful place by the sea in the most beautiful place of Gumusluk. There is live music during brunch on Sundays. I recommend you to follow the concert programs on summer nights.

  • Katip Cocktail Bar

Katip, which has an architecture of Taş Konak, is a decent, peaceful and friendly place with its unique cocktails. It is a place where you can feel comfortable and chat with your loved ones as if you are in the garden of your home.

  • Adamic (Bar)

Located in the center of Bodrum, Adamik Bar is great for people who are tired of hearing popular culture songs everywhere. It is a place where you can have a lot of fun with large groups of friends.

  • Gekko Cocktail & Whiskey

Gekko, which has been transformed into a wonderful bar by preserving the architectural structure of the historical sponge tank. There are cocktails for everyone. You must stop by.

  • Mandarin

You should reserve a morning breakfast here for Mandarin located in Gümüşlük. Your breakfast will accompany you with the smell of the sea.

  • Stella Jazz Club

The quality of music and musicians is not up for debate. There are various concert programs throughout the summer. If you want to listen to jazz music in the open air in the forest, away from the crowds of Bodrum, add this place to your program right away.

  • Yula

You will have a pleasant time at the seaside location. During the day, you can swim, eat, drink and enjoy the tables by the sea.

  • Surfer Caravan Gastro Pub

It is a place where you can spend your whole day and evening with tables by the sea, extraordinary view of the castle, magnificent cocktails, rich menu and quality music. Where to Eat in Bodrum? If you are one of those, you should definitely stop by and try their cocktails.

  • Black Bar

It is a cozy, friendly place that plays good music, where you can have a pleasant time during the day and evening.


  • Zai

It introduces itself as a new generation library. The architecture is great. It is a place where you can read a book in a lush garden, escape from the chaos of life and find peace in nature, music and art collections. There are also concert programs in the summer. I suggest you stay tuned.



  • Xuma Village (Popular Beach Club )

It is a rare beauty place to swim in Yalikavak. A sparkling sea, delicious snacks, drinks, meals… Valet service is also available.


Home Cooking

  • Kismet Restaurant

Kismet Lokantasi, which serves only lunch with its clean, spacious and diverse menus, is located in Konacik.

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