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Bodrum Guide

What was the song saying? “How do I explain, where do I start… Bodrum Bodrummmmm…”

Bodrum does not fail to offer you more than sea-sand-sun. From Wonders of the World to its mills, marinas where you will see the most luxurious boats in the world… and of course, there is a Bodrum that offers you the pleasure of shopping with its shopping malls.


Shopping Areas

  • Oasis Shopping Culture and Entertainment Center

Oasis is the first shopping mall of Bodrum. I think it’s most attractive feature is being outdoors. It also has closed parts. There are so many activities for kids. There is a mini food court with restaurant alternatives and shops with brand varieties. There is even live music from time to time.

  • Midtown Mall

Midtown is located in Ortakent. A comprehensive mall where you can find many things. Activities such as gym and spa are also available.

  • Avenue Mall

If you want to have a delicious meal, do some shopping and go, this is the place for you. It’s not very big, it’s home to major brands and restaurants.


  • Bodrum Mills

It has an amazing view. On the hill, you can see Gumbet on the right, and the extraordinary Bodrum and Bardakçı bays on the left.

  • Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

The mausoleum was built for King Mausolos by his wife and sister Artemisia, and is a must-see for history lovers.

  • Bodrum Antique Theater

The 2400-year-old amphitheater has a capacity of 10.000 people. Its construction dates back to the 4th century BC during the reign of the King of Halicarnassus, Mousolos of Caria. One of the oldest theatres. Pretty much the same as in Athens. Be sure to follow the concert programs on summer evenings.

  • Mindos Gate

Mindos is a historical area. It formed an important point of the walls of Halicarnassus, and today it is located in the west of the center of Bodrum.



  • Bodrum Marina
  • Yalıkavak Marina



  • Bodrum Castle

The castle, which was built by the Knights of St. Peter under the name of St. Peter’s Castle, has become the symbol of Bodrum. Bodrum Castle has been hosting its visitors as the “Underwater Archeology Museum” since 1960.

  • Pedasa Ancient City

It contains remnants of historical structures such as the Temple of Athena, Castle, fortification walls and domed tombs.

  • French Tower

The French Tower is one of the two magnificent castles located right in the middle of the castle. Philibert Naillac, who was the Commander of the Castle in the first construction of the castle, paid particular attention to make this tower very impressive.

  • Zeki Muren Museum

While you will have the opportunity to watch parts of the artist’s life at the Zeki Müren Art Museum in Bodrum, you will also have the opportunity to witness his memories.


Popular Regions

  • Bodrum Bar Street

Bodrum Bar Street, the first place that comes to mind when Bodrum is mentioned, is a place famous for its nightlife. Bodrum not only offers good holiday opportunities, but also adds color to your nights. It is one of the 24-hour living spots and hosts large entertainment centers along with cute bars.


The Most Beautiful Hidden Coves and Beaches

  • Kargicak BayKargicak, one of the most untouched bays of Bodrum, welcomes many tourists with boats. You should come with your food and water, not forgetting the desolation of this place.
  • Peksimet

We recommend you not to miss the sunset view in this bay, whose beach and sea are completely sandy.

  • Mazı Village Çakilliyalı Bay / İnceyalı Bay / Hurma Beach

In this bay where small pensions are located, you can use the sun loungers and restaurants of the pensions outside of accommodation. In these places run by the village people, you can swim in a friendly and comfortable environment and enjoy the bay.

  • Gerenkuyu Beach

There are places that can appeal to every visitor on this beach in Yaliciftlik. The sea is not shallow and it is very suitable for those who do not want to walk for meters in the sea to swim.

  • Torba Beach

It has a stony sea. Green forests add more value to its charm.

  • Adabuku Doctors Site

It is a place where there is a lot of peace due to the high average age. It is one of the oldest site in Bodrum. It has a decent and quality environment.

  • Bardakci Bay / Kumbahce

Located in the center of Bodrum, these beaches offer the opportunity to swim in company with the castle view.

  • Gumusluk

The sea, the sand, the sun offer us pleasant environments as well as attractiveness. You can find many places where you can have a pleasant time.

  • Camel Beach

Those who do not think that they will see such a beach and fine sand in Bodrum are mistaken… It has a shallow sea. You can walk in the sea for meters.

  • Turkbuku

Since the entire beach is parceled out by businesses, you have to enter from a place to enter the sea.

  • Cennet Koyu (Paradise Bay)

Cennet Koyu is almost a hidden paradise with its distant location from the center and its deep blue sea overlooking a sheltered bay. Since there is no public transport and the road is quite winding, few people come here, so there are no crowds in the center. It is one of the coves where the boats anchor because the water is deep. Here, rather than public beaches, luxury boutique hotels such as Mandarin Hotel have beach operations.

  • Yalikavak

The sea is more wavy than other places. It is definitely a place to go because of its quality venues and the most famous restaurants in Bodrum.

  • Akyarlar

I think this is one of the calmest and clearest seas in Bodrum. Swimming in the sea is really enjoyable. The beach part is sand, which is another attractive feature. Although it is known by the locals of Bodrum, it has now begun to be discovered by tourists.



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